Team versus Full Users with Fundamentals and Business Central

Modified on Thu, 08 Jun 2023 at 11:19 AM

Microsoft offers two main license types for Business Central:

  1. Full User - this is usually anyone in the accounting or operations team who enters and posts data on a regular basis.
  2. Team User - this is a lower cost user license and has restrictions when compared to a full user
    1. A Team User can read any data in the system, subject to security permissions
    2. A Team User can only enter the following documents in the system
      1. Purchase Quotes - Fundamentals allows these to be converted to Purchase Invoices as well as Purchase Orders by a full user or after getting approved.
      2. Sales Quotes - these can only be converted to Sales Orders by a full user.
      3. Time Sheets
      4. Expense Reports
      5. Purchase Requisitions.
  3. In addition, a Team user is allowed to MODIFY certain master records like Vendor, Employee and Customer. They are not allowed to create these records.

Fundamentals licensing requires a license to match each Business Central license above.  Our team user license includes the use of one of the following Apps.  There is an incremental per-user cost for adding a second or third App.

  • Time Sheets
  • Expense Reports
  • Purchase Requisitions.

Not to be confused by the Business Central Team User, Microsoft also allows Microsoft TEAMS users to read data from Business Central when it is shared to them by a Business Central User. 

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