Document Approvals

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Purpose of Document Approval Rules:

The document approval process is a formalized, automated workflow process for submitting, routing, reviewing, approving, tracking and collaborating on a variety of document types to make approval decisions better, faster, easier. Fundamentals is equipped to help make your approvals flow and your paper & time waste dwindle.

Key Uses of Document Approval Rules:

Once setup and implemented, Business Rules will help with:

  • Approval of document total amounts – for example approval of a total invoice or credit memo amount.

Special Vocabulary:

  • Approval Process- the method your organization uses to approve anything from documents, invoices, budgets and purchase orders to a new process you may want to implement once you’ve selected a software like Fundamentals. Automating approvals is an excellent way to make sure you maintain a consistency in the operation of your organization.

Document Approval Rule Card

To access the Document approval card, go to the Business Rules menu item and select Document Approvals. You’ll be taken to a page that lists the rules you set for approving these types of documents:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Credit Memos
  • Purchase Quotes
  • Or any document you specify in your organizational setup.

You can also setup Approvals by data objects like bank accounts, department codes, event codes and so on.

Your Document Approval is based on tiered amounts that you set up in your Document Approval Card. You will also set up document approvals to route to the appropriate person/group:

  • Users
  • Workflow User Groups
    • Sequential
    • Parallel
  • Approver ID
  • Fund Manager
  • Dimension Manager

The Document Approval Card has two tabs:

  • General Tab or the basic information that allows Fundamentals to recognize that a business rule is being applied to a document.
  • Approval Rule Details where you set up which document will be handled according to which rules.

When setting up a new rule (+new in the action bar) on the General tab, the first field is marked by a red Asterix (*) to indicate that the Number is a required field and you cannot continue without that field being filled in. There is also an on/off toggle switch that will allow you to turn your validation on or off manually.

The Approval Rule Details tab asks you to create the data that your system is looking for. In the left column you’ll specify a Filter Column name to use (there is a drop-down menu that reveals appropriate column names to choose from). Once the Filter column name is selected you can scroll to the right and select the precise name to use in your selection process, again using a drop-down list to support your work.

The second column (on the right of the Approval Rules tab) tells Fundamentals how to handle your selected data. As always, the labels above the columns have pop-up help tips to assist in filling in the form correctly.

You can set up multiple lines of selections to build either sequential or parallel searches and approvals.

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